It's been well established that play is essential to a child's development: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/53699.php

and it's not hard to remember the days when we transition from a lot of play to the "stress" of going to school when we would rather be playing.


Studies have also proven that it's easiest to learn something when you are relaxed, liked the subject and / or enjoy learning it
- yes, we can file this under the "no <beep> Sherlock" category!


While most of us love to fool around on the guitar / piano or <insert your favorite instrument here> music theory is almost universally boring and frustrating. Sure, there are plenty of books out there but they are either too advanced or don't explain enough. Private tutoring is a fantastic option but cost an arm and a leg... which is a shame because quite a few instruments require you to have those limbs :)


When I started out playing the guitar I ran into all the above problems and looked around to solve it for myself. By profession I am a programmer / designer and before long I had some crude programs created for myself that "did the job". When a couple of my friends tried my programs they liked it as well and claimed to have learned the theory much faster than the "standard" way of book in hand+force brain to retain weird stuff.


Since I had bought a new phone, and Android was popular with my friends I was quite easily convinced to learn how to program for mobile applications - a task that took me months but was totally worth it!


Now, even though I was not carrying a book or had my instrument to practice on, I could play the game (and learn) on the subway, coffee shop, way to work, bus etc


The best thing is the "game knowledge" transfers seamlessly to "in real life knowledge", the theory is in bite size chunks but covers very important topics, and as I picked up my guitar I looked at the fretboard in a whole new light.


I know a lot of folk are not going to believe me and think that I am just hyping my program/s to make a sale so I decided to release a fully working, no ads, no compromises, no functions disabled, no time limit, 100% free version for you to check out.


Try it as long as you want, and if it does not do everything that I wrote above...