I hope to have a couple of tutorials done soon, these will be hosted on youtube and absolutely free for everyone.


As that's going to take some time, I figured I may as well put the some "documentation" for the released game/s here till then.
While the game/s should be easy to figure out as you start it, some people prefer to have some kind of documentation... hope this helps!


Any questions, feel free to contact me


Ok, lets begin!

Starting the game you should be greeted with this screen:

splash screen


This adorable little fella will display for 7 seconds or you can click on him to go to the next screen.
A FYI, he's 1 year old and no matter how good you get on the guitar... you will probably never have such a rocking pic! ;)


(Note: When using the new devices it's more like a "touch" and not a "click" but most people (including me) are used to using "click this and click that" because of years on a computer, so I will be using the word "click" instead of "touch").




The next screen you are presented will be similar to this:

splash screen


Clicking Play will start the main game.
Clicking Practice will start an area where you can practice without a timer, levels, or other game tensions.
Clicking Settings will do nothing, because as of this writing I have not completed that part yet ;)
Clicking Achievements is the same as clicking Settings above.
Clicking About will show you the version info for the game as well as a small note from me.
Clicking Exit will... OK, I'll leave that as an exercise for you to figure out!




For the sake of this tutorial / documentation I am going to assume you clicked on the "Play" link, this screen should display:

splash screen


If this is the first time you are playing the game you will only be able to click the first level... all the other levels will be locked.
As you get better in the game the other levels will unlock and you can later jump to any level instead of starting from the beginning.

The grand piano in the middle is there just because I like pianos as well as guitars :) it's not clickable.




After selecting a level you will be presented with the game screen below:

splash screen


It may look a bit complicated but it's easier than finding a corrupt politician.
I have numbered the interesting parts in red above, please follow the below explanation of those areas:

1 - Game time: this is how long you are playing the game
2 - How many answers you have gotten correct consecutively for this level. Getting a right answer resets the wrong counter.
3 - How many answers you have gotten wrong consecutively for this level. 3 wrongs = game over!

4 - Your present level. 20 consecutive right answers bumps you to the next level! Levels go till 30! Level 9 = perfect!

5 - If you get a wrong answer the correct answer will be displayed here

6 - This is the musical note that you have to get right.

7 - Pause / un-pause the game.

8 - The game button controls. Only one button is the right answer - choose wisely!

9 - Click the baby to get a "baby steps" cheat sheet to display, click him again and it disappears. When the game is over the baby turns into an exit button. Restarting the game brings back the baby!


A few notes:

Clicking the buttons plays the sound of that particular musical note.

In practice mode, Correct, Wrong and Levels is disabled. Cheat sheet is displayed by default. Timer is every 15 secs.

It's ok to touch the baby!