Game on!


At first, like every person learning game programming I wanted to create some very flashy games, but quickly realized that that would be a drain on the end users battery and would take longer to create, update and add new features so I instead went with an easy to understand format that also borrowed from some of the "time challenge" games of the '90s and forward.


The games are designed with simplicity in mind, so that even a person who is not very tech savvy or a "hardcore gamer" won't need spend precious time learning how the software works but can simply jump in and start playing (and learning) in a very short span of time.


That being said, I wanted to give the program the actual look and feel of a game so I added fully functional settings screens, levels screen, levels lock, achievement tracking etc


There is also a practice area where you can practice before getting into the game arena.


While you may start awkward by the time you unlock all the levels, you will be an expert at taking the knowledge you gained from the game and using it on your instrument!